Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee initiates and promotes legislation beneficial to Wyoming libraries, disseminates accurate and timely information about state and federal issues affecting Wyoming libraries, and educates the Wyoming library community and its advocates about the legislative process.

The committee consists of at least nine members representing the various sections, geographical areas of the state, and types of libraries. The WLA President, the State Librarian (or designee), and the ALA Councilor are non-voting, ex-officio members. The appointed members of the committee serve four-year terms with no term limits, staggered so that at least three members are appointed every year.

The committee takes direction and advice from the WLA lobbyist on managing library legislative issues and annually reviews the lobbyist’s effectiveness in meeting the association’s goals. This evaluation is given to the Executive Board. The committee advises the board on the selection or retention of the lobbyist; however, the Executive Board makes all final hiring or retention decisions.


Chair Caitlin White (2022)
Albany County Public Library
(307) 721-2580 ext. 5456

Lisa Scroggins (2022)
Natrona County Library
(307) 237-4935 ext. 115

Kristi Wallin (2023)
Laramie County Library Foundation
(307) 773-7221

Cameron Duff (2020)
Sheridan County Library System
(307) 674-8585 ext. 112

Oscar Gittemeier (2024)
Teton County Library System
(307) 733-2164 ext: 3100

Megan Bietz-Dingman (2021)
Campbell County School District 1
(605) 641-4603

Ivan Gaetz (2022)
University of Wyoming Coe Library
(307) 766-3279

Jeff Collins (2022)
Laramie County Library System
(307) 772-7220

Katrina Brown (2023)
Casper College Goodstein Foundation Library
(307) 268-2036

Ex Officio Members

WLA President
Abby Beaver
Wyoming State Library
(307) 777-5913

WLA Vice-President
Jacob Mickelsen
Carbon County Library System
(307) 328-2623

ALA Councilor
Janice Grover-Roosa
Western Wyoming Community College Hay Library
(307) 382-1701

State Librarian
Jamie Markus
Wyoming State Library
(307) 777-5914


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