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Wyoming Library Association Awards

-Revised April 2016-

2016 Awards


Outstanding Library Award

For a significant special project completed within the last 2 years. The staff, library board and the community or people served shall all be involved in the work for which recognition is sought. The award shall be based upon, but not limited to, activities or accomplishments such as the following:

  • User services
  • Development of innovative partnerships through networks, systems, cooperative planning and programming
  • Sound collection development policies
  • Offering opportunities for professional growth and job satisfaction for all employees
  • Improvement of physical facilities resulting in better services

Nominations Criteria

  • Describe the need for the project.
  • What service population benefited from the project?
  • How was the project unique or creative?
  • Who carried out the project?
  • How long did the project take and when was it completed?
  • How much did the project cost?
  • Optional: additional comments and supporting documents (maximum of three pages).

Outstanding Hero/Heroine Award

This award provides an opportunity for WLA to recognize an outstanding person or group, whose hard work has made a difference to a Wyoming library within the last two years.
This award can recognize:

  • A specific individual, company or group from the community who provided general support of a library or library project.
  • A community supporter, volunteer, employee of the library, elected official, financial benefactor or other individual.
  • An individual or group that has performed outstanding volunteer service for a library.

Nomination Requirements; please include the following information:

  • Who is this person or group?
  • In what way are they exceptional?
  • What did this person or group do? Please be specific.
  • How did the library benefit?
  • What are the results for the community?

Outstanding Librarian Award

This award is meant to, above all, recognize and especially honor the significant and outstanding accomplishments set forth by a library employee in the past year, such as service to library patrons, and the library community that this individual is a part of. It is also meant to reflect the goals of WLA and the library professional, as a whole.
Nomination Requirement are as follows: Please do include the following information:
Contributions to WLA and the library profession in the past year

  • Contributions to the library and the local surrounding community in the past year
  • Original and innovative planning, thinking and use of resources in the past year for special projects and/or programs
  • Advocating the library role and position of importance in the community in the past year
  • Optional: Additional comments and supporting documentation for this nomination (maximum three pages)