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Wyoming Soaring Eagle Book Award Committee


Committee Members

Soaring Eagle Questions to be sent to:
Susan Worthen: [email protected]
Leanne Woodfill: [email protected]
Richard Landreth (Advisor): [email protected]


Name Term # ORG. Both Email County

Jennifer Beckstead

2021  WLA-P   [email protected] Natrona
Johanna Tuttle  2020  1  WLA-P   j[email protected] Campbell
Jeannine Collins CC 2019 2  WLA-P   [email protected] Albany
Vacant      WLA-S    
Leanne Woodfill CC 2019  4  WSRC    [email protected] Natrona
Angie Spann 2020  1  WSRC   s[email protected] Sweet Water
Teresa Massey  2021  1  WSRC    [email protected]   Laramie County
 Linda Herget  2019  1  WSRC    [email protected] Laramie


Information for the Soaring Eagle Book Awards

Revised April 2004


The Soaring Eagle Book Award will provide the opportunity for Wyoming youth in grades 7-12 to select a favorite book and honor its author.
The award is a joint project of the Wyoming State Reading Council and Wyoming Library Association, Section of School Library Media Personnel.


To help Wyoming students in grades 7-12

  • become acquainted with the best contemporary authors
  • become aware of the qualities that make a good book
  • choose the best rather than the mediocre
  • set a goal to read at least three good books
  • To honor an author whose books Wyoming students have enjoyed.


The Soaring Eagle Book Award will consist of one list for grades 7-12. Librarians, reading and English teachers solicit nominations from Wyoming students in grades 7-12. The nominations are sent to the committee by March 15. If any nomination summary forms are returned with incomplete information, the committee may disregard them. The award committee meets to finalize a list of titles for grades 7-12. This list becomes the ballot for the next school year.


1. Eight members, four from each sponsoring organization, appointed by governing members of the organizations or designees.
2. Three year terms with four terms expiring annually provided not more than half the committee is new.
3. Two consecutive terms allowed.
4. Terms begin before the spring meeting.
5. Any member serving a partial term is eligible to serve three additional terms.
6. Two members, acting as co-chairs, one from each organization, will be responsible to the parent organizations.
7. Members must be on the committee for at least one year before becoming a co-chair.
8. Co-chairs terms of office should expire on alternate years.
9. Expenses (cost of the award, postage, display board, treats for the meeting, packet expenses) will be submitted to the WLA secretary
10. Letters sent to the publishers will be coordinated between the committees.

Soaring Eagle Rules for Nominating Books



1. The book may be fiction or non-fiction.
2. The book must currently be in print and have a copyright date within the last five years.
3. Adult books may be nominated.
4. The book must not have appeared first as a movie or TV show.


Each Wyoming student in grades 7-12 who has read at least three books on the list may vote for his or her favorite book.


Voting takes place during the month of March. The sponsoring librarian or teacher tabulates the ballots and the ballot tally sheet is returned to the committee by March 15.

Soaring Eagle Committee Considerations

1. Use published guidelines for nominations.
2. Consider the number of student nominations.
3. There must be at least two positive recommendations in professional book reviewing publications or by committee members.
4. Each book for the final ballot will have been read by at least one committee member.
5. Only one title by each author will be included on the list. Consider the number of student nominations as the deciding factor.
6. Books that are past winners of the Soaring Eagle or Indian Paintbrush Awards can't be on the list.
7. No books by the winning author can appear on the following year’s list.
8. No title can be on the list two consecutive years.
9. When two or more books, in a series by the same author, have reviews which are equally good and have an equal number of nominations, the earlier one in the series is added to the list.
10. For books by Wyoming authors with no reviews, committee members decide on quality of the book after it is read by at least two committee members.
11. Consider grade level appropriateness of nominations.
12. Consider including some high interest/low vocabulary books.
13. Young adult books may contain some adult language and situations.
14. The list shouldn't exceed ten titles.