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L.E.A.D. Interest Group
Leadership, Excellence, and Development


Leader: Anna Street - [email protected]

Email List: [email protected]

  • September 2014 Report (Submitted by Rebecca Lehman)
    • Last fall during our L.E.A.D interest group meeting we had decided to have an interest group fee of $10 with the idea that L.E.A.D would help sponsor leadership programming during WLA conference every other year. 
    • This year L.E.A.D helped offset some of the costs of the pre-conference program “The Introverted Leader” both through their interest group fee as well as with a $500 MPLA grant.

    • It was also through L.E.A.D’s contacts that Jennifer Kahnweiler was brought it as a keynote and program presenter.

  • September 2013 Report (Submitted by Rebecca Lehman)
    • I. L.E.A.D Interested Group renamed their group from WLA Interest group in order to differentiate themselves from the Wyoming Library Leadership Institute.
      L - leadership
      E - excellence
      A - and
      D - development

    • Members discussed what kind of training they would like L.E.A.D to direct members to.  Some of the topics requested were management, succession, trustees, & core library skills. It was decided that the Free Educational Events being mailed out by Jamie from WLA covered most of these topics, and the others would be planned for conference sessions. 

    • The L.E.A.D Interest Group planned a succession planning program to be presented at WLA by Cliff Knesel. 
  • August 2017 Report (Submitted by Anna Street)
    • L.E.A.D stands for Leadership, Excellence And Development. The purpose of L.E.A.D. is to help support leadership programming during the WLA conference every other year. This Interest group also wishes to encourage state-wide librarian interest in leadership oriented training, professional development and support for programmers, presenters, etc.
    •  We have ten members currently in this Interest group, who have paid membership.
    • We had a meeting during the scheduled time at WLA, Friday, August 11th, from 1:30pm-2pm.
    • We have a web presence connected to the WLA website, with an email ListServe that any WLA Member can actually join if interested in our group. This Listserve is [email protected]. The leader of the Interest group uses this ListServe to connect and network among members of the group, letting them know about upcoming events, related topics, etc. All contact info and past meeting agenda's, minutes, etc., are also listed directly on the WLA website.
    • Current Activities for the year: Recently members Cynthia Twing, Chris Van Burgh and Anna Street (formerly Veinbergs) met via virtual conference call on 5/25/17, to discuss the purposes of L.E.A.D., what it has done in the past, and what its role is, especially to clarify direction for the new leader of the group, Anna Street. Anna worked with Laura Grott to verify current paid membership for the Interest group. As of 7/25/17, verified members are the following: Karen Funk, Deborah McCarthy, Johanna Tuttle, Brian Green, Cynthia Twing, Chris Van Burgh, Rebecca Schuh, Frances Clymer, Katrina Brown, and Anna Street. 
    • Chris Van Burgh, leader of Wyoming Library Leadership Institute (LLI) and a member of L.E.A.D. secured a speaker for the LLI spot at the 2017 WLA conference. As it is the main purpose of L.E.A.D. to help fund leadership related speakers and events at the WLA Conference, this is information that was shared with all L.E.A.D. members especially, to further enhance and encourage leadership development among Wyoming librarians.
    • Plans for 2017 and onward : For the upcoming year, L.E.A.D. met at WLA 2017, and discussed plans to help fund programs for the next conference, as it is our purpose to help fund programs every other year. We also decided on the following things:
    • 1) Be more active, professionally supportive, share ideas, etc., on our ListServe and via email.
    • 2) To make it know that WLLI is for our WY Library Leadership Institute. L.E.A.D. is an Interest Group, focused on programming and supportive of leadership growth among fellow librarians. They are separate entities.
    • 3) Start contacting appropriate state and WLA Committees, to coordinate plans and speakers for WLA 2018.
    • 4) We wish to actively support new membership to our group, fostering innovative ideas and leadership growth opportunities.
    • 5) We will meet virtually or in-person Jan/Feb 2018, to assess what we have achieved, our goals, and re-direct if needed.