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Librarian of the Year
Recognizing the significant accomplishments of a library employee who has in the past year improved library service to customers; contributed to WLA and the profession; and or contributed to the library's community.

2015 Claire Francis, Uinta County Library

2014 - No Nominations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 2013 Betsy O'Neil, Natrona County Library
2012 Nichole Gerharter, Natrona County Library
2011 Jamie Markus, Wyoming State Library
2010 Chris Van Burgh, Wyoming State Library
2009 No award presented
2008 Cynthia Twing, Director - Johnson County Library
2007 Karen Lange, Laramie County Community College
2006 Kate Mutch, Natrona County Library
2005 Bonnie Stahla, Crook County Library
2004 Kay Carlson, Northwest College Library
2003 Jerry Jones, Natrona County Public Library
2002 Crystal Havely Stratton, Laramie County Community College Library
2001 Amy Shelley, Laramie County Library System
2000 Betsy Bernfeld, Teton County Library
1999 Brian Greene, Wyoming State Library
1998 Ada Howard, Fremont County Library
1997 Mary Jayne Jordan, Sundance Junior and Senior High School Library
1996 Isabel Hoy, Goshen County Library
1995 Alice Meister, Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library
1994 Helen Higby, Sweetwater County Library
1993 Theresa Bermingham
1992 Deborah Procter, Campbell County High School Library
1991 Marcia Wright, Campbell County Library
1990 Gaydell Collier, Crook County Library
1989 Susan Simpson, Albany County Library
1988 No award presented
1987 Carolyn Harrington, Worland Middle School Library