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Nora Van Burgh Professional Development Grant. Nora began her career in Wyoming libraries as a student assistant in the Natrona County High School Library. She received her Master's of Library Science degree from the University of Oregon in 1978 and was employed at Casper College for many years. A strong believer in lifelong learning, she served on the Wyoming Library Association's Continuing Education Committee. WLA created the Professional Development Grants in 1985 and changed the award name in 1991 to honor her memory.

Recipient receives funding assistance to enhance their effectiveness as a library employee through additional educational experience.

2015 No submissions

2014 Shari Haskins, Fremont County Library-Riverton                                                                                                                                                                                                     2013 Jamie Forbes, Midwest School Library 
2012 Sharon Mikesell, Laramie County Library System
2011 No award presented
2010 Mary Hipol, Uinta County Library
2009 Venice Beske, Wyoming State Library
2008 Dail Barbour of Teton County Library for a workshop in Public Library Administration.
Peggy Jording of Newcastle Middle School for a workshop in Children's Literature.
2007 Ara Anderson and Richard Landreth
2006 Kashawna White, Laramie County Library System
2005 Cindy Moore, Sweetwater County Library System
2003 No award presented
2002 Laurie Lye, Casper College Library
2001 Katrina Jones, Laramie County Library System
Nancy Miller, Northwest College, John Taggart Hinckley Library
2000 Tobi Liedes-Bell, Washakie County Library ????
1999 Deb Kelly, Northwest College, John Taggart Hinckley Library
Carolyn Groves Winkler, Teton County Library
1998 Nancy Van Fleet, Sheridan Junior High School Library ?????
Mary Coffin, Laramie County Community College Library
1995 Betsy Bernfeld, Teton County Library
Diane Martin, Northwest College John Taggart Hinckley Library
Patty Myers, Johnson County Library
Cathy Butler, Weston County Library
1994 Tahna Naylor, Carbon County Library Year????
Enid Teeter, University of Wyoming Libraries
Tobi Liedes-Bell, Washakie County Library
Sylvia Batenhorst, Big Horn County Library
Karen Mydland, Sheridan College Library
Marjorie Buchholz, Park County Library
1993 Alice Meister, Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library
Marsha Brandbury, Natrona County Library
Sue Knesel, Campbell County Library
Mary Rhoads, Johnson County Library