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Media Support Award
Recognizing a specific media individual, company or group providing general support of a library or a special project.

2015 No Nominations

2014 Gillette Public Access Television                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2013 Sarah Hale, Editor, Star Valley Independent - Lincoln County
2012 Casper Star Tribune
2011 The Sheridan Press
2010 Jerry Raehal, Editor and Publisher of the Rawlins Daily Times
2009 Torrington Telegram
2008 Karen Cotton, Wyoming Tribune Eagle
2007 Bruce McCormack - Cody Enterprise
2006 Micah Sturr, Laramie Boomerang
2005 Steve Norris, KIML, Basin Radio
2004 Daily Rocket-Miner
2003 High Plains Sentinel
2002 Robb Hicks, Buffalo Bulletin
2001 Paul & Lynn Montoya, KJJL, Cheyenne
2000 Casper Journal
1995 Howard Allen & The Sundance Times, Sundance