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Andy Fisher was the Wyoming State Librarian from 1963 through 1967. He was a Wyoming native and a graduate of the University of Wyoming. After leaving the State Library he became the Regional Program Officer in Denver for the Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) for the states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. He was honored with the WLA Meritorious Service Award for 1968. The award was created in 1979 and first presented in 1980. The award is a traveling painting of the Grand Tetons by a former Wyoming artist.

Recognizing a Wyoming Library that accomplished a significant technology related project completed within the last two years.

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  • 2011 No award presented 
  • 2010 Teton County Library IT Department 
  • 2009 No award presented 
  • 2008 Laramie County Library System 
  • 2007 No award presented 
  • 2006 Teton County Library Tech Team 
  • 2005 No award presented 
  • 2004 Laramie County Library System 
  • 2003 Carolyn Marvin and the Reference Staff of the Campbell County Public Library for the Local Newspaper Indexing Project 
  • 2002 Teton County Library's Latino Outreach Program 
  • 2001 No award presented 
  • 2000 Laramie County Library System 
  • 1999 No award presented 
  • 1998 No award presented 
  • 1997 Teton County Library 
  • 1996 Laramie County Library System 
  • 1995 Albany County Public Library 
  • 1994 Story Branch Library, Sheridan County Library System 
  • 1990 Crook County Library 
  • 1989 Johnson County Library 
  • 1988 No award presented 
  • 1987 No award presented 
  • 1986 Carbon County Library 
  • 1985 Riverton Branch Library, Fremonty County 
  • 1984 Albany County Library, Centennial Branch 
  • 1983 Crowheart Branch Library, Fremont County 
  • 1982 Goshen County Library 
  • 1981 Fremont County Library 
  • 1980 Albany County Library