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Newbie Award
In 2010 the Newbie Award replaced the "Award" Award. The Newbie Award was developed to recognize the efforts of a library employee who has worked in the library profession or field for less than 6 years and made significant contributions to the organization. The award provides an opportunity for WLA to recognize an outstanding young person who is making a library in Wyoming better.

2014 Pamela Fanelli, Albany County Library                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2012 Colleen Moran, Sublette County Library
2011 No award presented
2010 Brenda Thomson, Natrona County Public Library

The "Award" Award was established in 1984 to replace the "Above and Beyond" award of the association. This award is a general catch-all for everyone who deserves an award, but whose achievement doesn't fit any other category. Awards are given for a humorous or horror story, a major or minor achievement, or a noble deed.

In 2010 the "Award" Award was replaced by the Newbie Award.

2009 Denise Jackson, Lincoln Elementary School
2008 Sue Dennis, volunteer - Teton County Library
2007 Larry Kummer
2006 Tina Lackey, Wyoming State Library
2005 Phil Rumpel, Laramie County Library System
2004 Greta Lehnerz, Natrona County Public Library
Missy Falcey, Teton County Library
2003 Isabel Hoy and the Staff of the Goshen County Library
2002 Dail Barbour, Teton County Library
2001 Rodney Knudson, Hulett School Library
2000 Loucille Adams, Fremont County Library
1999 Erin Kinney, F.E. Warren Air Force Base Library and Scott Kinney, Laramie County Library System
1998 Mike Williams, Park County Library
1997 Friends of the Powell Branch Library
1996 Jon Willette
1995 Linda Love and Rose Marie Davidson, Johnson County Library Board
1994 Lynn Erickson, Laramie County Library System
1993 Stephanie M. Copeland, Albany County Public Library
1992 Linda Nousianen, Teton County Library
1991 Marc Stratton, Wyoming State Library
1990 Casper College Library Staff
1989 Nancy Effinger, Teton County Library
1988 Sandy Frazier, Albany County Library (?)
1987 Corky Walters, Wyoming State Library
1986 Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library Patrons
1985 Jerry Krois, Wyoming State Library
1984 Rick Richmond, Sublette County Library

Above and Beyond Award (1982 and 1983). Created by the Awards Committee to allow for recognition beyond the established award categories.)

1983 Leonard Clarke, Carbon County Library Board
1982 Ed Byers, Laramie County Library System

The Library Support Award was established in 2010. The award recognizes a Wyoming individual or group who has been visionary in the future of Wyoming's libraries.

2010 Governor Dave Freudenthal