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Milstead Award
Nora Van Burgh Professional Development Grant
Distinguished Service Award
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SIRS/WLA Intellectual Freedom Award
Meritorious Service Award
Unsung Hero/Heroine
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Trustee/Volunteer Award, prior to 2010 known as the Trustee Citation
Recognizing an individual or a group that has accomplished outstanding volunteer service and accomplishments for a library.

2015 Bonnie Cohee, Campbell County Library

2014 Bob & Sue Moore, Natrona County Public Library                                                           2013 Steve Reinman, Johnson County
2012 Lynn Wegner, Teton County Library
2011 Margaret Lungren
2010 Julie Cash, Laramie County Library Foundation
2009 Chris Mullen, Natrona County Public Library
2008 Laramie County Library System Board
2007 No award presented
2006 Rose Proctor, Crook County Library
2005 Mary J. Wendel, Fremont County Library System
2004 No award presented
2003 Jack Mueller, Wyoming State Library Board
2002 Ruth Ann McCann, Johnson County Library Board
2001 Douglas K Bryant, Albany County Public Library Board
Cynthia Thomas, Park County Library Board
2000 No award presented.
1999 John Becker, Teton County Library Board
1998 Bonnie Hefenieder, Washakie County Library Board
1997 Bruce Heimbuch, Platte County Library Board
1996 Jeff Ketchum, Laramie County Library System Board
1995 Rande Money, Johnson County Library Board
1994 Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library Foundation Board, Inc.
1993 Sandy Zeimans, Goshen County Library Board
1992 Norm Brown, Albany County Library Board
1991 Gisele Robinson, Crook County Library Board
John McWilliams, Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library Board
1990 No award presented.
1989 Agnes Hand, Natrona County Library Board
1988 Norma Prevedel, Sweetwater County Library Board
1987 Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library Board
1986 Phyllis Shaw, Park County Library Board
1985 Ken Richardson, Fremont County Library Board
1984 Bette Thompson, Sublette County Library Board
1983 Natrona County School District 1 Board of Trustees
1982 Eleanor Witzenburger, Laramie County Library System Board
1981 John Dayton, Lincoln County Library Board
1980 Dolly Edmonds, Lincoln County Library Board
1979 Doris Engel, Weston County Library Board
1978 Paul Smith, Crook County Library Board
1977 Charlotte Vivion, Carbon County LibraryBoard
1976 Anne Nightingale, Fremont County Library Board