WLA Book Award Committees

Voting & Nominations for the 2019 Book Awards are now open!



Voting Forms:

Voting will be done using a separate form than the nominations; please submit both your voting survey and nominations by March 15th


  • Librarians and Teachers are now able to manage their location's nominations by logging into their Memberclicks accounts.
  • If you are not a current member of WLA you will be able to create a username and password the first time you open a Nomination form; this username and password will not make you a paying member of WLA; but it will allow you to log back in and manage your nominations. 
How the nomination process works:
  1. The first time you open a nomination form
    1. Select the appropriate form from the list bellow 
    2. Log-in to your Memberclicks account; or create a new account
    3. Mark if you are making nominations for more than one location
    4. Fill out your information
    5. Fill out the Author, Title, and number of nominations for each book
    6. Click submit
      1. If you had created a new account you will have the option to set a password after you click submit, otherwise you will be assigned a password
  2. Accessing/Editing your nomination (you will be able to repeat this step as many times as you need until March 15th)
    1. Select the appropriate form from the list
    2. Log in with your account information
    3. Select your form from the Edit Previous Submissions box
    4. Make any edits or additions
    5. Submit

 Nomination Forms:

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2017 Book Awards Committee Report

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